Enter 2023 and The Return of New Beginnings

The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all. Relaunching myself with a new brand and finding my soul's passion again, I am humbled to reconnect with Intimate Boudoir Photography. The fact of the matter is that I have been on a two-year hiatus. I became so burned out between running three businesses through COVID, that I simply had to change my focus. So I chose to work on other areas of my life, and my business not involving photography. I hit rock bottom on what truly ignited my soul as an entrepreneur by October 2022, my husband continued to encourage me to "find my happy", but I was lost. Buried. Planted?

Enter 50 Shades of Gray. In December 2022, I photographed an intimate session after the photographer that had taken over in my studio became ill. As I booted up the old familiar sounds from the soundtrack, 50 Shades of Gray, an album ( Anita and I) had listened to countless times over multiple years in sessions together ( Anita moved in 2019), came blaring out of the 3rd-floor speakers like rays of warm sunshine after a long storm. It felt like sweet candy in my soul. ( Anita will understand- the wolf comes out tonight- lol ) and the passion and love I have had for photography and specifically intimate photography over the past 12 years, came roaring to the shores in my soul like a tsunami.

In January, I started digging through the attic overhang in my studio where all my old familiar treasures were buried. Now covered in light dust, they glided easily out of their bins and into my teary view. Like Christmas morning, I looked through every nook and cranny remembering why I wanted each piece, when I bought it, and what I had used it for previously. That day everything came full circle, and I started to Bloom.

In beginning this rebrand I decided to put a new twist on the boudoir genre. What I have done in my studio is break down the word "boudoir" into artistic segments. Each is self-contained within the whole experience, giving our clients more understanding, and control over the styling and planning they desire. Of course, many of our segments can be interwoven, for example, Dark and Moody with White Sheets. You can find an entire list of our segments on the home page of my website, and you will be able to choose your favorites when booking your experience.

I want to thank my new team for spending two full days playing photography so that I could begin to build something really special. The Dr. Pepper and new music choices were marshmallows and campfires in my soul. Thank you for helping me take this rebrand to the next level.

Introducing our new set, Free Spirit. Our Free Spirit set and segments mix different cultures and artistic expressions with an emphasis on organic elements and nature. Calming and ever-present. BBJ Free Spirit set can host segments: Contemporary Clothed, Implied Nude, Joy Pfister Style, Dark and Moody, Couples, and Modern Portrait

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