All about the Oh La Cherie

The Oh La Cherie is a facial treatment born out of the idea of a hot towel and a shave that you would often find at a luxury barbershop. We have of course put our own feminine twist on it and out of the mastermind of our Master Esthetician, the Oh La Cherie was born. We guarantee once you try it once, you’ll never forget it.

This high-end grooming experience is both effective and enjoyable, leaving you with fresh, soft skin ready for makeup within 15 minutes. Essentially, the Oh La Cherie is a treatment where we cleanse with lavender oil and orange gel, with a double steamed towel. We also add essential oils to the towels, before applying them, giving you a very relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Hot Towel treatments have many soothing benefits. A hot towel can also exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and excess oils, which can cause acne and blemishes. We follow the cleanse with a cooling gel mask, for 5 minutes to reduce redness and rejuvenate tissues. Afterward, a light blueberry milk moisturizer is added and your skin is ready for makeup.

Add on a warm hand and body oil treatment The body oil treatment is specially created by our in-house Esthetician and contains a light musky proprietary blend of Lotus, Amber, Ylang/Ylang and Tonka.

Many comment on how soothing the entire treatment is and how much it adds to the whole experience. This treatment has rapidly grown in popularity, becoming a standard addition. The benefits of the treatment are significant, but most importantly, it creates a really wonderful experience for our clients. At the end of our Oh La Cherie, you are guaranteed to feel fresh and relaxed, with smooth skin.

“This is the best experience I have ever had for my skin. All I can say is wow.”